As I sit here eating my breakfast, I look back on this day 15 years ago as to where I was when those beautiful hero’s lost their lives, and thousand of families  was changed forever. A few days before it all happen I was in Jacksonville, Florida working for my company, I had ask my boss if I could go to New Jersey do to the fact that one of our other locations needed help. She told me no that she needed me back in Ohio, I do have to say I was a little upset with her cause I so wanted to go. I can home 2 days before it happen. I remember standing in our break room watching the tv and thanking her for making me come home. I could have been on one of those planes or I could have been in the city who knows.The  spirts had other plans for me. I  lost  my job in the fall of 2015 I am now back in college fulltime, I have looked for work  but no luck and my money is gone, I am now thinking of moving out-of-state to start a new chapter of my life. Looking back over all these years of everythign I have gone through it is not even close to the pain those people felt that day, nor will it ever will be. We need to take time and remember everone from that day. Put your flag on your house and show everyone that you do remember.

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