What True human kind should be

The  simple things that could make life easier for everyone is the simple human kindness. Why is it so hard for people to help someone up the curb or hold door open.why do you need a plastic bag every time you only have a few items you got at store. Do you really need another plastic bag. When you walk by the Salvation Army bell ringing most of them talk to you and say happy holidays, you do not even say anything. The people that give to they are the people that have probably used their services. You can take that spare change and put it in at least once a week. The simple things go  farther than you may realize.


Cute little puppy face

This time of year, people buy the cute little puppy for Christmas gifts. Remember that the cute little puppy grows up. Do not dump them at dog pound or side of road. They are living and breathing little beauty’s not a toy to be thrown away. They did not ask to be part of your family. They need care love, medical and attention . They should be free when you are not home. How can they protect your place in a cage. If you don’t want it on your furniture then do not get a dog. A real dog own will tell you they just pay the bills the dogs run the home. I would not have it any other way. They are my life,

New chapter

Sometimes when a door closes  it may seem like World has ended, but it is just the opposite it is a start to a new beautiful chapter in  life. Sometimes doors are left open too long. Clear your mind of the past and look outside the box to unlimited choices you have in front of as in anything you have always wanted to do or try. Try something new create a bucket list like you never did, the list should have things on there that you like to do everyday and every season. Why wait till you are to old to enjoy your bucket list. Remember materials things are just  that memories we make by living in real world. Social media is not real word, it is simple things as nature’s  beauty.

Independence Day 

As I sit here listening to all illegal fireworks, I wonder how many people actually know what it truly meaning of it besides a paid holiday for some. A lot of people can afford to waste money on fireworks but they sure do not have a flag. Guess they can’t afford it. My flag flies every day. I will drive around for next week and see all garbage that they left from fireworks. They seem to forget we have a lot of real Americans soldiers that have ptsd.  Noise can trigger bad things for them. All poor dogs that have listen to it. Why cant people find a better way to celebrate, most cities do a show for public. It’s not just who has loudest fireworks. It is what are service people have done and we keep doing for us and to those that gave their lives.

Be kind

Why is it so hard For human beings To hold the door open for one another, put the shopping cart back, or if you are walking into store to take a cart with you even if you are not using it, to help an old person with  unloading their cart while you are in line next to them, or help them  if you notice they  are having a hard time walking. They once took care of us. It is sad I see a lot of college kids using the elavator even if they are not caring anything instead of using the steps they .If you walk by them they do not even move over to give you room to walk by. We have some how got off track with these kids .We need to get back  to simpler thing with them teach them that good manners goes along way and spend time with love ones cause they will be gone in a blink of eye. Put the electronic devices down and actually talk To people. Enjoy their company. 


I am deeply into the darkness,  I am trying to reach for the light every  time  I take a step towards  the  light, I seem to keep slipping father  and father into the darkness. 

Trooper Velez 

As I sit here looking at this empty parking lot that has been  blocked off.For all the people  you brought a smile to their face and that loved you. I knew you was a great man and this just goes to.prove that the good die young. You where one of a kind,our hearts will. We were be filled with laughter like they were with you. No more seeing your  beautiful smile  at the gym or hearing your words of encouragement. You always had a  joke and no matter what could put a smile on anyone’s  face. You may have looked like a big Bear on the outside but you were a big old soft teddy bear in the inside.                                                                Forever  in our  hearts 

Enjoy today

A beautiful soul was taking this week way too early, they were just doing what they love to do as a job. Some people they did not even know this person where upset because they were stuck in traffic. Someone lost their son,brother,husband, dad and friend, people should be grateful that they made it home to their love ones. The only true thing they lost was a little bit of time. Why  do we wait to call the people we care about or see them after they are in bad health or died. Take the time to call them and hear their voice and go see they and enjoying them while you still can, the electronics will always be there but that person you are thinking about will not.

Jumping into the unknown

Taking that jump into the unknown is one of the scariest things you might ever have to do  but if you don’t you might never know the true beauty of the other side of life. To be stuck in the same way of life day in and out is comforting to us, but then are we really living a real life or are we really just robots.


As I sit here eating my breakfast, I look back on this day 15 years ago as to where I was when those beautiful hero’s lost their lives, and thousand of families  was changed forever. A few days before it all happen I was in Jacksonville, Florida working for my company, I had ask my boss if I could go to New Jersey do to the fact that one of our other locations needed help. She told me no that she needed me back in Ohio, I do have to say I was a little upset with her cause I so wanted to go. I can home 2 days before it happen. I remember standing in our break room watching the tv and thanking her for making me come home. I could have been on one of those planes or I could have been in the city who knows.The  spirts had other plans for me. I  lost  my job in the fall of 2015 I am now back in college fulltime, I have looked for work  but no luck and my money is gone, I am now thinking of moving out-of-state to start a new chapter of my life. Looking back over all these years of everythign I have gone through it is not even close to the pain those people felt that day, nor will it ever will be. We need to take time and remember everone from that day. Put your flag on your house and show everyone that you do remember.