Be kind

Why is it so hard For human beings To hold the door open for one another, put the shopping cart back, or if you are walking into store to take a cart with you even if you are not using it, to help an old person with  unloading their cart while you are in line next to them, or help them  if you notice they  are having a hard time walking. They once took care of us. It is sad I see a lot of college kids using the elavator even if they are not caring anything instead of using the steps they .If you walk by them they do not even move over to give you room to walk by. We have some how got off track with these kids .We need to get back  to simpler thing with them teach them that good manners goes along way and spend time with love ones cause they will be gone in a blink of eye. Put the electronic devices down and actually talk To people. Enjoy their company. 

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